He leaned his push broom against the wall and walked across the high school gym

He stepped up on the stage on Veterans Day and all the kids started whispering

He stood silent as they read off the medals he'd earned in that war

Those kids never knew they had a hero sweeping up their floors…

(from “'The Unknown Soldier”)

May you always show the way, live by the golden rule

and be kind to others who are not kind to you

may you live with no regrets and never miss a chance

to tell someone you love them or ask someone to dance…

(from "April's Lullaby")

Grandma's apron smelled like bleach and Martha White flour, sometimes she'd reach

Down into the pocket and pull out a treat

Sayin “How ‘bout a little somethin’ sweet”…

(from “{Grandma's Apron and Grandpa's Vest”)

Uncle Jack always was a rounder, he drove a pickup Ford

He drank beers in Sears easy chairs reading Louis L Amour

I'd sleep on his sofa Summer Saturday nights

When I was with Uncle Jack I felt a little more alive…

(from “Uncle Jack”)


In a Greyhound Station, suitcase by her side, she'd just turned eighteen years old

Daddy's little girl met a boy who did her wrong, and now she's staring to show

But there's a place she can go to raise her baby boy

Where he can feel the love she'd always known

When I asked where she was going, as teardrops filled her eyes

She said “I'm trying to get back home”…

(from “Home”)

I asked for strength and I got troubles to get me straight and strong

I asked for wisdom and I got problems that taught me right from wrong

I asked for courage and I got dangers to get me through my fears

I asked for answers and I got silence that taught me how to hear…

(from “All I Need”)


You're soft grass beneath my feet

in the meadow by the creek

You're the wind in my hair

and the sun on my cheek

You're the birds softly singing

the melody of Spring

All creation shares your glory

of your beauty I will sing…

(from “Psalm”)

I was rolling down a back road when I got lost and saw him sitting there

A proud old straight backed farmer on a front porch chair

Staring off into the distance as a hot dry July morning sun

Lit his shining eyes and the farmhouse he was born in

I stopped to ask directions then asked “ What is it you see 

Looking out across that grain field just as empty as can be?”

He said, "Faces in the sun on that horizon

I see the family farmer, I can see the ones

Who will come and go but never disappear

Faces in the sun whose eyes keep shining clear"

(from “Faces in the Sun”)



She feeds the birds outside her kitchen window

She laid every stone on the old home place

She's an old fashioned gal she's the widow

Who lives across the street at a different pace

She gave patience to the world with her children

Gave strength to the world with her man

She worked the herd and she read the Word

Now when she smiles I understand…

(from “State of Grace”)